Friday, February 20, 2009

Rubes turns 15

Here's a Rubes of yesteryear, circa 1997.. thats how old Rube-dog is. She still enjoys the refreshing flavor of Rain---eeerr- beer sometimes.

Friday, February 06, 2009

This just in...

So what we have here is a graph of the economy vs. ski slopes.  The red line represents Alyeska's Christmas Chute, the blue is North Face, and the green is the economy.  Not so good. You don't have to pitt check the green line to see it is avalanche prone.
Two more jobs were lost today when Kellogs and Subway fired Michael Phelps.  In a retaliatory move the Clubgirdwood Blog endorses the boycotting of Subway and Kellogs, respectively.  Unless it's lunch and you want someone with scabies to make you a sandwich, or it's breakfast and you want a bowl of flakey bran appropriations, then you are welcome to boycott the boycott.  
The real tragedy of course is that Phelps admits to a "regrettable mistake in judgement." Obviously dude, NEVER smoke eastcoast scrub, you gots to bring your dolphin lungs NORTH to the Valley!