Monday, August 28, 2006

where is the rain?

where is the rain?
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Joe, fighting shoulder bursitis and general old manliness, takes a moment to ponder how much simpler his life would be, if he were a kittiwake.

Later, Joe would fight a common foe between him and the kittiwake - the fearful headwind of Passage Canal.

Much cursing would occur, and the sea would accept him as a salty dawg.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Random Site of the Day

Sometimes, at work, I kill hours by randomly looking through other blogs on blogger. Today I came across

Proyecto RAÍZ

which was pretty left wing stuff. I suggest running it through Altalvista's babelfish and having yourself some revolutionary party.


I was heartened this morning when I read that Sarah Palin gave old ol' boy Frank M a good ol' fashion spankin' (notice the ol' school paddle). It seems that perhaps there is a limit to what the average Alaskan voter will put up with. As someone who may return to the great state of AK, I must admit I danced a little jig. Now perhaps the stranglehold of fear based politics in AK will be broken and we can set out sights on Lisa M and dare I say it?....girdwood's own Mr Stevens. Now that it's available maybe they would like to procure Frankie's jet for some touring. Anyways, I'm just so happy I had to shout out.

Go Tony!!

- Esteban-

Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Peregrine

Just got back from Barrow, and the Arctic Ocean. It snowed on Aug. 13th and was generally cold. Only one day of bad weather, and I held it all in. All of the bright orange balloons pictured were decoration for a whiskey gala that I hosted. Party Dude came on board and was doing naked swan dives off the pilot house to the thunderous applause of all the rough necked salty dogs in attendance.


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Saturday, August 12, 2006

From V in MT

Hola from Paradise Valley! I can think of a few different places that could warrant using the word paradise in their names but for the time being, this little valley will do just fine. I'm falling for this place a little more everyday and when I can see it from a 10,919 ft peak, well, I just want to marry it. I climbed this mountain a few days ago and it has turned me into a junkie for heights. It's a big mountain, the tallest I've ever summitted, but when you take into account the fact that I started at elevation 4,882 it's not that much of a gain. Dannyboy and I summitted Pioneer Peak which beats this climb by 224 ft. Still, it's a hell of a hike and I loved every minute of it. You can see more of the climb here...

All is well down here in the states except that I now have all of my fishing gear and I haven't sunk one line yet. Please don't tell Dan or Nate. However, I've been enjoying paddling the yak down the Yellowstone River on these incredibly hot summer days. I vow to tango with The Dancer (Dan will get that one) the full length of the valley before summer's end, perhaps I'll stop and catch me a fish along the way too. That should be fun.

Glad to see everyone is enjoying themselves!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Stay on Target

Stay on Target
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Schlitz keeps the boat balanced.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Angela's Fish

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Angela caught this Leopard Rainbow with the guidance of Captain Dan.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Our Fabulous Flower Girl

P. Dude knocked out the little one's front lie.

Meeting of the Minds

P. Dude was able to make the mandatory once in a life time pilgrimage to the Avery Brewery tasting room in sunny Boulder Colorado... Where he met the maestro himself, Mr. Avery. After many 8-10% mini beers, P. Dude decided to call out Mr. Avery on the release date of "The Beast", Avery's annual Grand Cru. Now every good beer drinker knows that a Grand Cru is a birthday celebration of the former emperor of Belgium and can only be released on the 24th of February each year. Mr. Avery releases his on the 1st of August. After an eloquently rhapsodic filibuster by P. Dude, Mr. Avery simply stood in stunned silence... P. Dude felt satisfied that the error would be corrected...Until P. Dude's wife relayed to him that his entire argument was probably lost on the man due to the hopelessly slurred nature of the speech. Her opinion was that Mr. Avery was trying to discern whether or not he was in any immediate danger.

A New Peterson

Gwendolyn Fidicarro was wed to Matthew Peterson on July 30th. It was a good time. They are now moving to Ocean Side, California. Gwen will pursue her career interests in occupational hypnotherapy for midget wrestlers, while Matthew plans on heading up a massive advertising campaign to bring back the Descent one-piece ski suit. Good luck to both enterprises.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

extremely dan

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