Sunday, October 30, 2005

Halloween undressed

This is John and Angela at the pre-Halloween party.

And this is Anglea at the post-Halloween party. Check out more Halloween photos.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Leaving at the Begining

Last night I dragged myself and my van into Girdwood after a LONG but thankfully uneventful (except for when the engine almost fell off) drive from Fairbanks. To see the night skiing lights for the first time this season was a nice treat. Before pulling into the chalet I drove around the mountain feeling all nostalgic, managing to get a picture amidst a river of tears and loud obnoxious sobbing. I love this mountain. It feels weird to be leaving at the begining of the season.

SO, I came home and packed up my snowboard because it's going to NY with me. Yeah, that's right, I'm going to rip it up on the hardcore slopes of New England. I'm sure it'll be super uber fun.

Image of the day

Well, it was bound to happen, I know this isn't Girdwood related (this is Karl Rove atop the Whitehouse for those of you on Crow Creek Road) but it is political much like the frothy yet slightly gelatinous underbelly of our beloved town and really, it doesn't take too much imagination to place Uncle Ted in this photo atop the new Post Office. - flak vest anyone? or do you think Teddy is smart enough to take head shots? Most likely.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Ski Train 2006

Every winter, the big blue Alaska train, the one that takes hordes of tourists up and down this state all summer long, is transformed into a party on rails. The train departs Anchorage early one February morning filled with hundreds of groggy skiers, everybody's very best potluck dish, 10 eager polka band members, and as much fermented beverage as each party cares to imbibe. The air is thick with anticipation. Picture the Hogwarts Express in Alaska. Although the exact details of what happens on the train are classified, some photos have been leaked in order to entice members of the usually under represented population of Girdwood. Girdwoodians usually object to the "planned ahead" nature of the event. Tickets sell out by November and the train does not leave the station until February. Perhaps these shots of revelers will convince you to set aside February 25th, 2006 and join the fun. Check out the Anchorage Nordic Ski Association's web page for more info.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Happy Halloween

Thanks for the Memories

Young pumpkin carver Max Manley wishes to express his deepest gratitude on an evening well spent. He was especially appreciative of Mark and Philip's detailed comments on proper block stacking- well done lads.

Pumpkin Carving Extravaganza

Aside from a few mishaps last night's pumpkin carving went off without a hitch and the results were both festive and creative. The next big event is of course the Halloween Party to be held at an undisclosed location only to be disclosed to those close to the disclosers with the disclaimer that disclothed participants will be held under close scrutiny. Let us not forget that there will be trophies presented to people who bring trophies, so create a catagory and a trophy and bring it ON! Trophies should not cost over $20 to create, buy or steal and they should be small enough to be carried home by an intoxicant. Thank you.

Someone's Been Naughty

I'd like to say this is a clever trick of Photoshop, but nay Vern, your SAC has been violated by your arch nemesis.

Camera safety

Something very disturbing happened to me in Girdwood recently. I should start by saying that each week I read the column called Savage Love in The Press. Without fail, after reading that column I am always amazed that there are people out there with some very very sick habits. I have taken great comfort in knowing that I do not have to see this kind of behavior in my life and I can trust my friends and the people of Girdwood.

I am sorry to report I was WRONG! There are some sick sick people here in this town. I accidently left my camera at MARK YEZBICK'S house the other night. When I retrieved the camera, it seems that MARK YEZBICK and PHILIP PETERSON took the above photos. What kind of sick person takes another person's camera into the crapper with them?

I hope this blog will help people in the future!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

How Safe is Our Little Valley?

I know everyone thinks that Girdwood is this safe little haven away from the crimes and brutality of the rest of the world...but let the P. Dude tell you's not! There is a growing number of dangerous gangs forming in our midst. I captured this image of the notorious "Bursiel St. Husslers" staking out their turf. The scroll over the right shoulder of the female gang member denotes their intentions of "educating" the peoples of Girdwood. These feral thugs are savage individuals bent on the destruction of all we hold dear. We cannot and must not submit to their barbarous oppresion. Viva Girdwood!

Under the Bridge Down Town

Tiffany Kelly surfs Glacier Creek with not but a chunk of plywood, and some twine....and never gets wet.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Someone Needs a ComfortSAC

First, is there a limit on how many posts you can create in a day? I'm jumping right in without reading any directions, as I often do with things. I'm just so excited.

Hi, I'm vernon and I have a rather large comfortSAC that needs a good home. I've recently made the decision to move away from this beautiful wonderland of pot holes and dog poo called Girdwood, mainly because of the influx of YUPPIES but also because the owner of The Chalet is bumping up the rent price to 700 bones. That's not a real reason, just thought I'd throw it out there because it's CRAZINESS. The place is tiny and has no bathroom door. But I like it and am sad to be moving, sad that I'm leaving the Wood but excited to read about the goings on of this town on the move, all the way from the backwoods of New York.

ANYHOO, I have a large kooshy sampling of the latest and greatest invention to hit the relaxation, comfort and style circuit since....since....beanbags. I was hoping to let someone borrow this whilst I am away fiddling and squealing with my Deliverance buddies in NY. ANY TAKERS?? It's a nice SAC. There's only one requirement for SAC take-over pets. Sorry Mark. I love Moses.

Soul Surfing

Johnny G soul surfing at Bear Glacier!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Resurrection Bay

This is a belated post with a shout out to Scott Liska for being a most wicked surfer dude and taking me closer to drowning than I have ever been before, aside from that battle with a monster Northern Pike last summer I don't think I've ever been so scared in the water. For those who haven't licked from the salty balls of mortality lately I do so recommend a voyage with the Mad Captain. While I'm at it I should say hello to Stephan who was somehow involved in the launching of the voyage to Resurrection Bay and the site of my near drowning. Hope all is well in Scottland mein Freund, here are some pics... Incidentally that is Mark with a fatty Silver Salmon, or Coho to you tourists out there, and Stephan saving the day when Mark hooked bottom and was nearly pulled overboard Captain Ahab style. What a day.

Changes in Girdwood

Girdwood is slated for some serious changes over the next few years. We are already seeing some of these changes with increased real estate prices and an abundance of YUPPIES in town!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Joe throws another wild one

Hello sportsfans and welcome to the first blog in the whole darn world dedicated to Girdwood, Alaska. I encourage everyone to use this forum to throw their $.02 in about all things Girdwood related. Anyone caught writing about something not Girdwood related will be deemed boring and shunned without mercy. With that in mind I should like to relate the recent chaos that ensued at Joe's Apartment on Sunday night. Joe recently redid the floors in his apartment and that became reason enough to slap on the drinking shoes and head his way for good food and company. Needless to say the party escalated out of control until someone noticed that a number of the lads in attendance wore the latest in striking sweaters for the upcoming ski season. A hush fell over the gathered and the flashbulbs of multiple cameras capturing the moment soon lit up the night. With a little luck some of the photos in question will end up posted on this very site. Once the excitement over the sweater show died down the few left standing headed to Middle Earth where an epic Ping Pong battle ensued. Those who were there know just how epic the battles were and for those who weren't I recommend watching the finals match of the 1988 Summer Olympics in which Satchmatura Oshida from South Korea took on Ken Oi from Japan for the gold. That may give you some idea of what you missed...

Tune in Friday for the wholesale disfigurement of innocent pumpkins at the 3rd annual Halloween Pumpking Carving Extravaganza Friday night at John and Angela's. Bring a pumpkin and lots of guaze...